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IAP Worldwide Purchases Two Business Divisions from DRS Technologies, Inc. To Boost Economic Growth

IAP has recently procured DRS’ Tactical Communications & Network Solutions and Aviation & logistics units. The two divisions are based in Aberdeen Proving Ground and Oklahoma City respectively. This strategic move is aimed at diversifying service provision and improving sales. Tactical Communications focuses in mission support utilities, aircraft repair management and logistics. A& L is a premium provider of communication solutions, information technology and engineering.

IAP Worldwide Services intends to incorporate such unique services into its mainstream programs and promote long term growth. More importantly, this acquisition is geared at increasing customer attraction and boosting sales. The firm aims at integrating the two acquisitions into a new sector known as Aviation & Engineering Solutions. Alternatively, the company’s National Security Programs Unit is also expected to handle some of the services provided by the new divisions.

The acquisition has been lauded by several board members. The firm’s CEO termed the purchase as a natural fit in its quest to providing diverse solutions to organizations and international government agencies.

IAP Worldwide Services strategy is based on constant growth through innovation, lean operations and client-focused discipline. Acquisitions are aimed at complementing the goals and objectives of the firm. The Company’s board and investors fully support procurement of business units. More importantly, this is a clear demonstration of the firm’s commitment to meeting the needs of customers.

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An In-Depth Profile of IAP

IAP is a global service firm with a 60 years’ experience in this field of business. The enterprise is a top provider of facilities management, global scale logistics, and advanced technical & professional services. It currently operates in 25 countries and is staffed by 2000 workers.

The enterprise handles a wide range of activities such as overseas battlefield and natural disasters. It is equipped with modern technology that simplifies technical challenges and logistical hurdles experienced in the course of duty. IAP specializes in the supply and maintenance of military equipment to research centers and government institutions.

IAP is credited for its excellent reputation in satisfying customers’ needs and tastes. The Company channels conviction, passion and experience in completing tasks presented by clients. Each customer is treated with respect and every instruction is followed to the letter.

The firm credits commitment, agility, focus and capabilities as key ingredients for success. IAP is guided by rigor, humility, integrity and transparency as core values to attracting and retaining clients.

IAP Worldwide’s Services In The Civilian and Military Sector

IAP Worldwide is one of the most important companies to the United States government and military. They have been involved in creating technologies with important military applications. However, the company has also served many other important functions, such as creating technology that can be employed during different types of natural disasters. Furthermore, IAP Worldwide truly lives up to it’s name. The company does work throughout the world, not just in the United States. The company also is a prominent source of jobs. They employ numerous people, in different parts of the world. The current number of employees with the company is over 1500.

The corporate roots of IAP Worldwide date back many years. The original companies that formed into IAP Worldwide first got their start in the early 1950s. These companies were quite successful, and these companies played a role in space missions by NASA.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide first began in an unexpected place, during 1990. The company first was started in Irmo, South Carolina. The original mission of the company was helping troops in the Gulf War by providing them with technology. The company was quite successful at this original mission. Furthermore, they have had a continued business relationship with the United States military. The company became more successful and provided many new technologies in various sectors, during the 1990s and early 2000s. By 2004, IAP Worldwide was responsible for several hundred million dollars of goods contracted by them. The company has continued to grow from there, and they have begun to expand their work into different sectors of the economy. Some of their work is with military technology, but they have also begun to do a significant amount of work with computer systems. The company also has done work with technology for the generation of electricity generation.

In addition to being a source of employment for many and a tremendous resource of military and civilian technology, IAP Worldwide also offers a very stable and productive option for investors. Given IAP Worldwide’s long term success as a company and continued growth, their stocks are an excellent choice for investors.

IAP Worldwide is expected to grow in coming years, as they have in the past. They continue to dedicate large amounts of time and money to developing new technologies. It is likely that many of these technologies will provide numerous new solutions in both the government and civilian sectors of the economy.

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