Greg Secker on having a positive impact on society


Greg Secker is positively changing the lives of others with the help of the foundation he started. In 2003 he founded the Knowledge to Action Group, which holds a umbrella of companies. These companies are Learn to Trade, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software. Earlier in his career Greg worked for a company called Mellon Financial Corporation and another Fortune 500 company as Vice President. He ran a new business at the time called the Virtual Trading Desk. After leaving Mellon Financial Corporation he started Learn to Trade out of his home. He build the company in just 3 very short months. They now have offices in South Africa, the Philippines, London, and Australia. They hold seminars and workshops and over 200,000 people have been education through them.

Learn to Trade has won multiple awards including Best Educator by World Finance Magazine two years in a row, Best Trading Education Product and Best Forex Trader Training UK by Wealth and Finance Magazine, and was named a finalist for the 2009 London Excellence Awards. The list continues on. The idea to create these award winning companies was from the desire to help people, wanting to create new opportunities, and some boredom. Looking back on his life the one regret he has was to enjoy the journey more and not just speeding through it. You can miss out on some neat experiences if you don’t stop to smell the flowers. His book of choice that he recommends is “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. The best-selling author writes about the lives, routines, and habits of big time performers and billionaires.

International Speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Greg Secker is taking the world by storm. As a young adult Greg attended the University of Nottingham in which he received his Bachelor of Science in European studies with Food Sciences and Agriculture.

The English Businessman founded and owns a number of companies including Capital Index, SmartCharts Software, and Learn to Trade. He also started The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that gives back by improving the quality of people’s lives, all over the world. He was born on February 18, 1975. By his mid-twenties Mr. Secker was a multi-millionaire.


SahmAdrangi’s contributions to the Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Sahm had to make a life choice that meant that he would quit Wall Street. It was so because of the high cost of living in the NYC, the hours as well as the perception that some things had changed such as the alarming rate of industry assets fallout. His survival was mainly due to the seed capital he made while at Wall Street that granted him the chance to create numerous income sources from good securities. From time to time, he develops great love and passion for venturing into the investment experience which has since led him to acquire a lot of returns from his PA.

After graduating from Penn State University, he landed an internship program in New York City at the Merrill Lynch’s credit desk. Due to his “clickability” as well as hardworking nature, Sahm spent an additional of three years to trade on the bond desk at Merill. When he was at the then $3 billion hedge fund- Longacre, Adrangi parlayed the experiences he had obtained as a credit trading role. It was incidental that the duration he spent at the Longacre overlapped parenthetically with the current founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management.

Besides, SahmAdrangi served on the Credit team for Paulson and Co- the guy that scooped about $6 billion shorting mortgage bonds immediately he had ended his tenure at the Longacre. Also, he worked as a credit PM for three years that followed at the Bowery Investment Management.

On Mr. Adrangi’s command, Kerrisdale Capital Management shifted its focus from its historical role of sharing research to various industries and corporations. It now operated directly on an array of specific sectors that the Kerrisdale Capital Management established a base and significant expertise. The central area of focus is the great biotechnology segment as well as the Kerrisdale’s published research on various stages of development of companies such as the Bavarian, Unilife, Pulse Biosciences, Nordic, Zafgen, Sage Therapeutics among many others.

The other fundamental segment of focus is the mining sector. Adrangi called into question some mining prospects and the valuations of First Majestic Silver, Northern Dynasty Minerals among others.

The role played by the American Institute of Architects in the construction of Innovative and Modern Architectural Designs

     The American Institute of Architects is a group comprising of all trained, qualified and certified architects who are based and are working throughout the United States of America. AIA is based in New York and has been in existence since 1857. The founders of the organization were thirteen architects who shared a vision to improve the design and quality of their works.

AIA is a very professional body that is determined to improve the quality of architecture products and services. AIA also plays a role in educating the public on new government directives and the advancements made in the sector that has seen radical changes over the decades. The organization provides architects with easy access to the evaluation of the total quality management of all projects that are under construction.

AIA’s CEO is Mr. Robert Ivy. He is also the Executive Vice President. In 2010, Alpha Rho Chi recognized Ivy as a Master Architect making him one of the seven people to have won the award in over a century and also the sole architect so far of the 21st Century. He is responsible for communicating the value of designs and creating market and demand. Ivy supports affirmative action as a means to come up with quality designs. He is an expert in architecture as a topic, its prospects for the future and the role played by architects in the economy.

AIA has a deep passion for ensuring architects display professionalism. Architects are motivated to improve the quality of their services according to a client’s needs. The management of the organization is keen on teamwork and team building. Hard work is also the key to success for all architects who work under the American Institute of Architects.

AIA enjoys a good public image mainly because the management of the group has prioritized environment conservation activities. AIA is a renowned ambassador creating awareness about climate change and remedies to curb it. Such actions have portrayed the body as a caring partner and thus built customer trust on AIA. What’s more, AIA is compliant with all regulations in the industry giving it a competitive advantage over competitors in the sector.

AIA has set up strategic partnerships and alliances with other firms and groups. They also do massive research to help the Department of Secretary of State to plan landmarks. The result is magnificent sculpts that beautify towns and cities across the country.

Market America: The Importance of the Right Attitude & More for Business Success

A recent article was made by concerning Market America Unfranchise views about how having the right attitude will make businesses successful. In that article, Market America’s Vice President of Sales, Jim Winkler, stated that businesses fail due to having a bad attitude, and successful businesses are so because they have good attitudes. He stated that if business owners don’t think positively about success, it will show through the business. He also stated that having knowledge is key in addition to having a good attitude in order for businesses to be successful. Other key factors for business success, according to Winkler, are as follows:

  1. Doing more to obtain success– he gave a story about him working 60 hours of the week, and how that extra work paid off. He also stated how no one is born successful, and thus, everyone has to work for success. And with him being more of an introvert than an extrovert, he acquired business skills on his own using methods in developing the right attitude in the business of the Market America Unfranchise.
  1. He also suggested scheduling weekly calls with your most valuable business partner.
  1. Participate in conference calls and meetings.
  1. Find your go-now individuals– these are the ones who understand where you are coming from and can act now.

Besides these steps, Winker also stated the importance of viewing the plan of the Market America Unfranchise seriously like a business. They provide great tools for businesses, and thus, shouldn’t be looked on as a hobby but as a million dollar business.

Securus Technologies provides solutions to law enforcers

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies serve over 3,450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies. It also helps more than 1.2 million inmates in different correctional facilities across North America. They provide the criminal and civil technology solution to the community, homes, families, inmates and various clients in the public domain.


The technology company is committed to connecting and serving people with emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, incident management, investigations reports, monitoring services and products as well as inmate self-service. Their aim is making the world the better and safer place to live.


Currently, the majority of customers in various correctional agencies use Securus Technologies to comment, solve and prevent social vices from happening including inmates’ crimes in jails. Securus Technologies develops new product or service weekly aiming at helping correctional officials and law enforcement to prevent and solve crimes.


Mr. Richard Smith has been the chair and CEO of Securus Technologies. He works tirelessly with his team to ensure safety in the society. They have received numerous emails and letters regarding what they have built and the impact of their technology on the community.


At Securus Technologies, the company understands the benefits of convenience and variety. They provide the best phone calling option by delivering best services and a variety of telephone payment options. To stay connected and in touch with your beloved ones in jail, Securus Technologies provides you with the following options.

  • Advance connect.

It is the most used payment product. It is a prepaid calling account allowing you to be in charge of your spending and ensuring that you receive your calls from the prisons.


  • Direct Bill

Here a credit check is a requirement for the user to qualify. The account allows the phone user to receive calls from prisoners as the charges are being billed directly monthly.


  • Traditional Collect

The account allows the phone user to receive phone calls from inmates and all the expenses passed to you on a monthly basis through your telephone company.


  • Inmate Debit

It is a prepaid calling account that allows the inmates to pay for telephone calls. It enables prisoners to deposit funds directly into their calling account.

Securus Technologies has proven to be the reliable source of the inmates’ solutions as they get in touch with their beloved ones, attorney and other people in the outside world.


Whitney Wolfe Has Another Success With Bumble Bizz

When Whitney Wolf first launched Bumble, it was simply a dating app where the first move was made by the women. This has become an international digital platform to make business connections and friends as well. Bumble’s growth has launched a new Austin headquarters and a new app called Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe’s new headquarters for Bumble is called The Hive, and it is amazing. The building is two-stories, and filled with natural light in hexagons and yellows. The shape and color represents the brand, and even the bathrooms feature hexagon walls, floor tiles, and yellow toilets.

Whitney Wolfe has set the Bumble app apart from all the rest right from the start. Although Bumble began as a dating app, it is about equality, female empowerment and kindness. The Bumble platform is highly respectable, and individual’s feel safe meeting new people online. It was only three years past when Bumble launched, yet they currently have almost 21 million users, and an international footprint. Bumble has teams in France, London, Australia, and Germany, and are considering Canada for the future.

Whitney Wolfe additionally added Bumble BFF to the Bumble app, and this allows the users to find friends. Bumble Bizz is a more recent addition, and provides the ability to make professional connections. Bumble is genuine one-to-one networking, and the focus of the company is to connect people. Whitney Wolfe found the way to help people get their foot in the door, and find opportunities that would not be possible without the app. Without a social networking site, connections can easily become dead ends. The site gives users the chance to start conversations that may change their lives.

Lauren Petrowski of FOX 7 set up a profile on Bizz, and the result was an almost immediate match. Whether this becomes a networking opportunity or not, it has become obvious Bumble is helping people from across the globe connect, and women are receiving support in every aspect of their lives. Whitney Wolfe wanted to provide a safe place where women could enjoy empowerment, and have the opportunity to take control of their lives.

The concept of Bumble Bizz is the same as the app’s dating portion. The user swipes when they have an interest in someone. If the match is woman to man, the first message can only be sent by the woman. The match will expire if the woman does not reach out within a period of 24 hours.

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How Lori Senecal has Dramatically Influenced the Advertising Agencies

Lori Senecal is the president and chairman of a company known as Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She also holds the post of the chief executive officer in the same group. Ms. Lori is a lucky woman full of great ideas, and excellent leadership skills. For instance, she has served numerous top positions in different organizations. For example, she has served as the president of Flagship Network Office, Worldwide Account Director for Coca-Cola, she has worked as the Marketing Chief Director of DDB Worldwide Communications and very many other posts.

Her exceptional managerial and leadership skills have also helped her receive numerous awards in her name and also won the tremendous international recognition. Ms. Lori has received an award for Leadership and Innovation and much more. Her generous nature has helped all the organizations she has worked for to top up and receive great growth, recognition, and many clients. It is through partnering and also associating with other business peoples.

Lori Senecal has contributed massively to the growth of the Crispin Porter and Bogusky Company. For instance, she has made the company expand in its areas of rendering services to the people and initiating its development. Crispin Porter and Bogusky Company have moreover become the current leading firm in advertising for both local and international news on market trends. Ms. Lori has also made the company to partner with other organizations internationally which has resulted in the global recognition and the massive growth.

Crispin Porter and Bogusky is a fulltime advertising company that is based in Miami, Florida. The company has operated for over twenty-five years which has also led to its accomplishments. Following the significant growth of Crispin Porter and Bogusky Company, its agencies are found in more than seven states this is through the excellent leadership management the company has received. They offer several services to not only other organizations but also their clients. The services provided by the company include generating excellent results to their clients, making new brands famous and much more. Crispin Porter and Bogusky primary goal are to solve business problems for the various clients and also help young entrepreneurs to venture into the business world with no worries. You can follow her Twitter page

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Cassio Audi and his Lesser-known Music Career

Cassio Audi is well-known across the financial circles of Brazil as a prominent financial services executive. He captured the attention of the industry with consistent results that showcased his capacity as a capable manager and inspiring leader. But, most people do not know his early music career. Yes, he was part of the famous Brazilian hard rock band named, Viper. It should be perceived that he was one of the founding members of Viper and played a crucial role in shaping the band as a performance group well-known across the globe. He was active in the band during the 1980’s and early 1990s.

Audi and four other colleagues including Passarell brothers, Andre Matos, and Felipe Marchado joined together to set up the band in 1985. The band was initially characterized by the influences of British heavy metal and Iron Maiden, but later, it could evolve a particular sound for its records. They came up with a demo tape named The Killera Sword in the initial year. In July 1987, the band released their performance album named Soldiers of Sunrise. The songs carried out a raw sounding, especially of Iron Maiden-type, but it captured greater success in Brazil.

Two years later, it again came up with another album named Theatre of Fate. It showcased classical singing with a mix of heavy metal and showed a mature songwriting. The album was a huge hit in Brazil, and it took the fame of the band internationally. It could create sales records in Japan by surpassing the well-known bands such as Van Halen and Nirvana. In 1992, the band released Evolution, and that also received huge praise from both music lovers and critics. Later, Cassio Audi moved away from the band to concentrate on his financial career. However, he makes appearances in various stages with his old band members, once in a while.

Oncotarget – The Multidisciplinary Journal Makes Scientific Materials Available Quickly

Oncotarget is a multidisciplinary journal which usually publishes papers every week that is on a weekly basis. They publish papers online and provide people with free access. Their main mission and the main reason which led to the formation of Oncotarget is to make materials quickly and available to people especially scientific materials. Oncotarget also aims at increasing the influence of research through insightful review. They also aim at sharing exceptional discoveries quickly.Other things that Oncotarget aims at doing is to get rid of differences between specialties and to connect the many different fields in the biomedical science. They also aim at enhancing applications of clinical science and also basic science to fight diseases.

Their main aim is to ensure that people live lives free of diseases. They have been able to achieve this by having a team of well-known scientists who do a lot of research and then provide people with reading materials.With time Oncotarget has become very popular because of the much-needed effort they put in the research. Their research has provided people with great insights and which are constructive. Their readers have provided this information in one of the reviews. As a result of their rising popularity and the much influence that they are making, they decided to be publishing two articles per week; every Tuesday and every Friday.

To Increase the process of transferring scientific information, they decided to include all papers that have been accepted in the final issue which will be posted on PubMed for people to get access to the information.Due to their success, they have decided to come up with more sections so that they can continue to have the positive influence that they are having on their readers. As per now, their current sections are cardiology, metabolism, aging, pharmacology, microbiology, neuroscience, cell and Mol Biology as well as Endocrinology. To publish their work, they use the COPE Code of conduct for their publications and editorials. Before an article is submitted, the editors and authors usually follow the publishing policies that are available on their website. They began in 2010.

Safeguarding Your Credit Following Equifax Breach

The majority of people couldn’t miss the news that Equifax which is among the three USA credit checking authorities, which encountered a critical security breach at the beginning of this year. Hackers managed to access private information which entails information such as Social Security numbers, addresses, birth dates and more which belonged to 143 million Americans. That implies almost 50% of the country was possibly exposed to private information which is applied to credit & loan decisions.

In the realization of such kind of huge security breach, you can find a way of protecting yourself. There are various ways via which you can protect your financial history from theft or fraud. You can use safeguarding companies such as Freedom Financial to ensure your details are secured from hackers.

Registering for free credit monitoring & protection. Until November 21, you can sign up on the same site for one year free services of protection. You will get a duplicate of your Equifax credit report and the capacity to put a stop on your Equifax report. With the freeze, creditors are not able to view your credit information through Equifax.

Consider putting a credit freeze with other credit bureaus. Majority of creditors does not give new credit without initially checking on your credit. Putting a credit freeze is like inserting your credit cards inside the bowl of water within the freezer. No one can apply for your credit until you “defrost” it. Thus, with a credit freeze, creditors are not able to view your credit history.

Survey your credit reports. Ensure you check your bank & credit card accounts often for unlawful practices. Don’t wait to get your monthly statement, but rather you can be checking your daily or weekly discrepancies. Scammers normally text the process with unusual amounts before conducting the illegal transactions. You can take the first step to secure your credit information today.

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